The Lowdown On Tree Removal in Centreville

What to look for when removing a tree

When homeowners have a sick tree or are planning on building on a section of their property with an existing tree, they must arrange for tree removal. If the tree is small, in most cases, it is safe for the owner to remove the tree themselves. Once the tree reaches a certain age, it is much safer to hire experienced tree specialists to prevent damage to yourself and your Centreville property. Here are some considerations.

1. Large Branches Can Damage Your Roof

When trees are located close to buildings, it is very important to direct the fall of the larger branches during the tree removal operation. Working within a team, workers come to your house and either climb the tree to remove large branches with a chain saw or use a large cherry picker. Workers attach lines to the branches to direct the fall away from your home or outbuildings to minimize the risk of damage to your roof. It takes a great deal of skill to operate the chain saw safely which is a problem for inexperienced home owners.

2. Clean Up Should Be Ongoing

Removing a tree generates a lot of waste. The branches quickly pile up and unless arrangements are in place to immediately break down and remove the wood and leaves, the work site will quickly become a mess. Tree removal and tree trimming companies come to the job site with large trucks to haul large branches and trunk parts from the area and a wood chipper for the smaller pieces. Keeping the area clear of debris during the job creates a safer environment.

3. You Can Arrange To Keep Larger Pieces

Some homeowners want to keep parts of the tree for firewood or for woodworking projects after the tree has been felled. If you want to do this, make sure that you have a cleared space for the workers to place the desired wood. Many people have fireplaces and are able to chop the wood after it ages. Let your Centreville tree company know this in advance so they can have the appropriate amount of materials on hand.

4. Your Centreville Yard Should Be Cleaned After Tree Removal Is Complete

When customers contract for tree removal, they have no idea how messy the process can be. Professional companies will rake your yard after the job is done to leave it in pristine condition. Once your tree project is completed, you are able to enjoy your yard immediately.

5. Stump Removal May Not Be Included In The Price

Check with the Centreville tree service company that you hire to find out if stump removal is included. If not, you will have to make arrangements for this to be done. If you are planning on reseeding the area, they will remove the stump to just a few inches under the yard. Since decaying trees can spread fungus to other plants and vegetation growing in the area, tree stump removal is often recommended.

6. Get An Estimate Up Front

You should always have a qualified arborist visit the site to give you an estimate. If you suspect that your tree is ailing, the representative may suggest that you prune it to restore it to health instead of removing it completely. However, if your tree is clearly dieing, it represents a potential danger should a severe storm sweep through the area and cause it to topple. Once the evaluation has been completed, you will receive a price quote.

Trees are a wonderful addition to our landscapes. Unfortunately, they sometimes have to be removed. Doing it safely is key to protect your property. Contact us for a free Centreville tree removal estimate today.